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AVL Testing and Validation FAQ

What is DRAM testing?
There are many types of DRAM tests but most can be organized as either pre or post production tests. Pre-production testing involves the validation and qualification tests that verify compliance to specifications and prescribes standards.

Why is testing and validation important?
Validation testing ensures that designs are compliant and serves as a "known good point" for suppliers and manufactures. It helps reduce costs and time to market.

Who is using validation type services?
All OEM's, DRAM suppliers, and chip manufactures go through a validation process prior to production or commercial release.

What happens after the testing or validation?
The results of the test are communicated to the requesting agency and the conforming modules are posted on a dedicated web site for publication and reference.

Is the validation a controlled process?
The validation process is a controlled process from beginning to end. The process is often predetermined by industry standards or customer protocols. For more information about AVL's process, click here.

What qualifies AVL to do such high grade testing?
With its extensive engineering expertise AVL has performed validation tests for PC OEM's, DRAM suppliers and chip manufacturers.

What type of testing is required for validation?
Various types of tests are part of the validation process; temperature testing, power testing, functional tests and stress testing.

What specific tests are conducted?

There are several tests that comprise the validation suite, they include;

  • Ambient temperature testing
  • Functional stress - read write patterns
  • AC power cycling
  • SPD check
  • Power management
  • Thermal stress testing
Are these the only tests that AVL performs or offers?
No, AVL supports many different tests and services. General services and capabilities include both standard and custom test routines.

Is there any special equipment required?
Yes, AVL administers the tests with the latest test equipment.

Do engineers perform and control the testing?
Yes, AVL conducted tests are administered and controlled by dedicated engineers.

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