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Custom Services

AVL provides a comprehensive suite of DRAM test services based on the evolving demands of our customers. AVL conducts and manages various validation and qualification test activities that support component level, module level, and system level testing services.

AVL services target "pre-production" testing to validate and qualify various DRAM technologies and ensure compliancy to both industry and custom design specifications. In addition AVL provides compatibility testing for motherboard and chip manufacturers.

Tested parts include; PCB's, discrete components, and "finished good" DRAM modules.

Standard memory technologies include:

  • SDRAM - PC133 / SO DIMM
  • Rambus (RDRAM)
  • DDR - Double Data Rate
  • Custom spec memories
General Services include:

Reliability Testing

  • Stress
  • Accelerated aging
  • Thermal shock
  • Temperature cycling
Compatibility Testing

  • Functional testing - Min / max loading
  • Ambient and Thermal test
  • Power cycling
  • Application tests
  • Test sampling
Electrical Testing

  • Propagation delay
  • Cross talk
  • Attenuation loss
  • Impedance
  • LCR parametric testing
Signal Quality / Integrity

  • Voltage - over / under / ringback / slope reversal
  • Clock - control/address/data signals / rise & fall time / jitter / period / duty cycle
  • Timing - setup / hold / access
Engineering Capabilities

  • Procedures and protocols - run book service
  • Test automation (software and hardware capabilities)
  • Custom machining capabilities
Custom services:

  • Motherboard compatibility
  • Program design services
  • Screening
  • Revolving qualifications
  • Test suite management
For more information contact AVL at:

United States:

    Advanced Validation Labs, Inc.
    Attn: services@validationlabs.com
    17800 Newhope Street
    Ste. B
    Fountain Valley, CA 92708

    Direct Line: 714/438-2783
    Fax: 714-427-3752
    Email: services@validationlabs.com

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