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Advanced Validation Labs Announces 256Mb RDRAM Validation Services

Media Contact:
    JaJa Lin
    Direct Line: (714) 445-3431
    Email: jaja_lin@kingston.com
For Release 12:00 p.m. PST, June 21 2000:

Validation services now Rambus-certified for next-generation RDRAM

Fountain Valley, CA - (June 21, 2000), Advanced Validation Labs Inc. (AVL) announced today that it has received certification by Rambus® Inc. to provide validation testing services for 256 Megabit (Mb) ECC and non-ECC RDRAM® devices. This new service complements the existing Rambus validation services presently offered by AVL, ranging from RDRAM, RDRAM RLC through RIMM™ Module System Validation services.

"With the new validation services, AVL is prepared to support the semiconductor industry's introduction of next-generation 256Mb RDRAM devices," said Larry Ho, Director of Technical Labs, AVL. "Once again, this announcement is in tune with AVL's strategy to provide complete memory validation services for the latest memory technologies."

"Advanced Validation Labs has already conducted the first validation of 256 Mb RDRAM devices to support the market ramp of 256 Mb RDRAM technology in 2000," commented Laura Fleming, Vice President, Alliances and Infrastructure at Rambus Inc. "Customers can take advantage of the 256Mb granularity to ship 64MB systems with just two RDRAM devices."

"AVL is grateful to Rambus Inc. for the close engineering support which was critical in ensuring the quick availability of this new validation service," further stated Ho.

Using AVL-validated 256Mb RDRAM devices, semiconductor manufacturers and memory module manufacturers can build Rambus RIMM modules ranging from 128MB up to 512 MB.

About Advanced Validation Labs, Inc.
Advanced Validation Labs, Inc. was spun-off by Kingston® Technology Company, Inc. in May 2000 as an independent testing company to service the computer industry. Advanced Validation Labs, Inc. offers validation testing services certified by Rambus Corporation for RDRAM, RDRAM RLC, RIMM Modules and Continuity RIMM Modules. Additionally, AVL offers validation services certified by Intel® Corporation including RIMM Module System Validation, PC133 SDRAM and PC133 SDRAM RLC. For information on services, please contact Rhonda Duda, Lab Administrator, Advanced Validation Labs, Inc. at (714) 435-2630 or email sales@validationlabs.com.

Editor's Note: For additional information or executive interviews, please contact Jaja Lin (714) 445-3431.

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